Monday, October 27, 2014


Readers are LEADERS!

Let me introduce you to one of our new favorite books.... 
by Aaron Reynolds

We have read it OVER and OVER!

Here are some of our FAVORITE parts from the story.

Ashton: "My favorite part was the end because all of the carrots cheered."
Alonzo: "My favorite part is like this. The rabbit was so afraid to brush his teeth because he thought the carrots were watching him. That's it."
Zoe: "It was so scary when I saw the carrots in the bathtub."
Aubrey: "I liked when he built a fence so the carrots couldn't creep up on him."
Shaena: "I thought is was funny when he yelled for his dad."
Makayla: "He builded a big wood square so those creepy carrots couldn't get him. The carrots were happy about that."
Unique: "It was scary."
Isaac: "About when the carrots come alive they scared him very much. Okay."
Mariana: "Carrot"
Journey: "The carrots were not real."
Savannah: "I liked it when the carrots creeped up on him. He thought it wasn't real but it was."
Rachel: "I liked the end because it was funny."
Holden: "I really liked when the carrots cheered."
Melany: "It was really scary."

We even made our own CREEPY CARROTS!

This wonderful book is filled with a WHOLE LOT of silly, a little bit of CREEPY, and even a little bit of Leadership. 

While reading, we pretended that WE were the carrots and Jasper Rabbit was eating us one by one. We discussed Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind. We decided that we needed to MAKE A PLAN to prevent the rabbit from eating us. In the book Creepy Carrots, the carrots Began with the End in Mind. The carrots decide to CREEP on Jasper Rabbit so he wouldn't eat them. Check out some of our plans to prevent being eaten by Jasper Rabbit! We synergyized with our classmates to come up with these BRILLIANT ideas. 

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